A Marvel of a Story with Thor: The Dark World

I can say that I finally get it (kind of). I believe the last time I read a comic book was when I was about twelve years old. And I have to admit that I usually stayed away from those with superheroes. Don????????t get me wrong, I have always known there was a Thor and a Captain America and the others, but I just wasn’t familiar with the super powers they possessed.

Watching ??????Thor: The Dark World?????? the other night helped me to better understand the superhero and the background of Thor. To enjoy the movie, I didn’t feel that I needed to have read every Marvel comic book for the past several years. There was enough to get the background and enjoy the story going forward.

I thought the movie was a great out for the evening and it kept my interest for the entire show. It took me a little time to get the idea of the time continuum and all of the realms lining up, but the concept fell into place somewhere in the middle of the movie. There are a few questions that come to mind such as “Is earth one of the realms?” And, “As we move into the future, will we be dressing like the Norsemen of ancient times?” The questions are neither here nor there, I still enjoyed “Thor: The Dark World” and will see the next installment when it arrives in theaters.

At almost two hours, it was fun to watch for the entire time. I never felt like the movie was lagging and wishing that I was someplace else. It was a nice evening out.


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