A Lesson From The Wise – What Are You Becoming?

“The lion is the pragmatic beast, the symbol of material power, the lord of earth’s gregarious ones. He dwells in London Town. He usurps the world’s thrones in Moscow and Washington. The unicorn is the creature of the soul, the creature of imagination and legend, the symbol of the free spirit, the outsider who is genius. He dwells not in London, but in Camelot; he runs with ivory hoof and ivory horn under the unsubverted moon. On far hills aloof and alone, where breezes blow cool in the lilac night. He hates, and he is hated by, the commissars and the commissions, the bureaucracies, the foundations, the gelded centaurs of Academe, and albino gentle souls who elect to dwell meekly in Hell. We live today in the sorry world of the lion-grown shoddy, grown shabby, like an alley cat; but the world waits for the hour of the unicorn.”
– E. Merrill Root, America’s Steadfast Dream, p35

Are you the lion or the unicorn? Another of the keys of great teaching is: Simplicity, Not Complexity. It is amazing how simple it is to give yourself an excellent education. But the lion has convinced us that it is complex and only “the expert” is capable of teaching such things.

Remember the unicorn, become self-reliant. Free your soul from the chains of your oppressors. You were born for greater things. Stand up and do them.


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