A filthy tactic of war

survive Syrian children

SpaceX’s unmanned Dragon cargo ship that lifted off on Friday from earth, arrived Sunday, the same week, at a crowded International Space Station where six space crafts were docked. The cargo carried about 7,000 pounds (3,175 kg) of food, supplies and experiments, to about 250 miles (400 km) above Earth. This was a victory for the man trying to go beyond his present knowledge.

At the same time people in a place on earth called the city of Falooje, just a few miles from the American Embassy in Baghdad, were dying of hunger and nobody could manage to get them the least food and medicine they needed. A Falooje woman drowns herself and her three starving children in the river and a man, desperately, poisons himself and his entire family to death when they find nothing to eat. The city was under a siege by ISIS and other fundamentalist groups who did not allow any food get into the city. This was a shameful defeat for the man at the start of twenty first century.      .

Aljazeera TV reflected a press conference held in Erbil, Iraq, about the situation In Falooje. An official of the city said, “The human situation in Falooje due to the siege by the sectarian militias is a catastrophe. Children and the old are dying every day of starvation”. A tribal chief from Falooje said, “Cities in Anbar were not liberated. They got rid of ISIS terrorists but fell into the hands of more dangerous terrorists, the militias”.

A member of the high commission of Muslim clergies from Riyadh said, “The entire Iraq is now targeted from Iran backed sectarian groups, women and children are slaughtered”.  The month old siege on the Iraqi city of Falooje by the sectarian militias has created catastrophic human conditions. Kids and the old are dying every day of starvation. The city is run out of food and chronic diseases have speeded due to the lack of medicine. The European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) wrote in a statement issued by its director Struan Stevenson, “People in Falooje are on one side victims of crimes committed by Isis that controls the town and the bombardment by Iraqi army and Iran backed militias on the other side”.

Making people starve and use it as a weapon to reach political goals is one of the most nefarious breaches of basic human rights committed by the so called Islamic regime of Iran and its allies in the region. People of Falooje were not the only victims of this crime against humanity. Only a few weeks earlier the Syrian city of Madhaya was sieged by Iran backed “Hizbollah” group. At least 250,000 Syrian children were living under siege, with many forced to eat animal feed or leaves to survive.
“They and their families are cut off from the outside world, surrounded by warring groups that illegally use siege against civilians as a weapon of war,” the charity group “ Save the Children” said in a report. “At least a quarter of a million children are living under brutal siege in areas of Syria that have effectively been turned into open-air prisons,” it added. ”Skin and stomach diseases have spread because the regime cut off the water supply and people rely on surface water wells which are often polluted with sewage”. A citizen of the city of Madhaya told the reporters, “When we didn’t find food, we were eating grass. I used to lie to my children and tell them that the grass is edible. But who am I kidding?” In some cases, there is basic food available just a few kilometers away on the other side of a checkpoint – but it’s prevented from entering.

Syrian children – Fighting on the ground, bombed from above, and now starvation

Yarmouk, a camp housing Palestinian refugees was another example of the “kindness” offered by Iran’s Ayatollahs and their fundamentalist allies. Save the Children’s report describes a young mother in Yarmouk who gave birth to her first son. She was malnourished, and the baby was taken ill after just a few days. She tried to take the baby to a hospital in another neighborhood, but was kept waiting at the checkpoint for five hours before eventually being turned away. Her newborn died shortly afterwards.
Refugees in Camp Liberty just off the Iraqi Capital also have been victims of the siege and starvation. Residents of the camp, members of the Iranian resistance against the Ayatollahs who are housed in this camp, have suffered food, logistics and medical siege exerted on them by Nouri Maliki when he was Iraq’s Prime Minister. The serge is still continued by his remnants in the present government. Almost 30 died when they were not allowed to leave the camp to go to hospital for their treatments.

A siege for military purposes is not illegal under international humanitarian law, but the besieging parties are obliged to allow access for the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians. The starvation of civilians as a method of combat is prohibited by the Geneva Conventions, and its use amounts to a war crime. The Iranian regime is, nevertheless, far away from respecting international conventions with its flagrant record of   tortures and suppression of its own people. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned that any forces using starvation as a tactic of war in Syria would be guilty of war crimes.

Whether it is the suppression of people inside, or supporting terrorism outside, it is time the international community took a firm action against the nasty breaches of international laws by the Ayatollahs in Iran. Not only in Falooje, not only in Iraq, but in the entire Muslim world, should this regime be stopped.

Human catastrophe in “Falooje”

Human catastrophe in “Falooje” due to the siege by the fundamentalist militias

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