A few Questions Regarding the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

A Muslim husband and wife team killed 17 and shot 14 others yesterday in San  Bernardino, California while the victims attended a Christmas Party. The killers then escaped temporarily in an SUV before being gunned down in the street by local police.

Is it coincidence that these two targeted a Christmas Party  to unleash their mayhem? Or was this more Islamic terrorism? Does it make sense to import more Islamic refugees when we see what some Muslims already do here?  Were we able to screen out this female mass murderer (terrorist?) before she entered the U.S.A..? Are we to believe that all Muslim women entering our country from the Middle East pose no threat to our citizens? Was this woman who came from the Mid East to carry out mass murders with her husband an anomaly or was she cast from the same mold as the woman in Paris who posed as a widow and killed so many recently there? Can Muslim women be  terrorists whether they are married, widowed, or single?
Some of the  facts we know  are that they made bombs, suited up in body armor, and had lots of weapons and ammo all prepared ahead of time for the attack. Can there be any question that this was a planned, premeditated attack? How could we call it anything else? Yet, the media seems confused on this issue. They ask: "Was this premeditated?" Really?

Several dozen police responded within 1 to 7 minutes of the beginning of the attack. That's admirable. And yet, the Islamic murderers were able to shoot 31 people before the police arrived. Do you believe the police can protect you? Or, do they usually arrive after the fact, after many have all ready been wounded and killed? Does it really make sense to disarm the innocent so they  become simply sheep to be slaughtered? Had a few people at the party been carrying weapons could they have intervened to stop the slaughter earlier? Would the number of innocents murdered have been less? Does sheltering in place really work to protect people from terrorist attacks like these?

Was this another Islamic attack on Christianity? They did plan and carry out an attack on a Christmas Party. Does it seem a little far fetched to believe this is simply "workplace violence"?  Have we seen this kind of work place violence before (ok, there is the post office, I know)? Does it seem more likely that this was an Islamic Terrorist Attack? Time will tell.

Already President Obama is calling for tighter gun laws to disarm our citizens. Will disarming our citizens make them safer? Will it make them better able to protect themselves from random terrorist attacks?  Would we do better to encourage our citizens to arm themselves? Will disarming our citizens mean that terrorists won't have guns? Do you believe that will happen? Are we nuts?

If you had been attending that Christmas party would you have preferred that all in attendence were armed or disarmed? Which  would have yielded the better results for the innocents in attendence?

Were there "No Guns Allowed" signs at the building where the mass murders occurred? Did these signs save the people inside? Did it make them safe or simply create a killing  zone? Did the killers obey the signs? If each of the murder victims had held up signs reminding the killers that there were no guns allowed, would those victims be alive today and would the killers have then stopped shooting in obedience to those signs? Do we  need more armed citizens or fewer in order to be safe today?

Was this the last terrorist attack on U.S.. soil? Do you feel safer now? Are you going to take steps to arm yourself and your family now?

Has all our U.N.. war making around the world made you safer? Have we made lots of friends with the Muslim world by killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the Middle East? Is our foreign policy working for America?  Does war breed more war? How do we extricate ourselves now? Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. Has our country been living by the sword, inserting itself into wars all over the world, playing the world cop? Is this  our best foreign policy?



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