9th Annual Amazing Earthfest Features a “Film Fest Within a Festival”

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9th Annual Amazing Earthfest Features a “Film Fest Within a Festival”
12 Award winning documentary film screenings presented by the 9th Annual Amazing Earthfest.  All showings free of charge (donations are appreciated!).  Featured films include the 4-Part Documentary Film Series: “Designing Healthy Communities”.
Kanab, UT (April 28, 2015) – Kane County based nonprofit organization, Amazing Earthfest is pleased to announce the 2015 documentary films to be highlighted during its 7-day celebration of land and life, May 10 – 16, 2015 in Kanab, UT.  Since 2007, Southern Utah’s annual Amazing Earthfest has pioneered the presentation of concepts and conversations in Kanab, Utah, on wide ranging topics relating to environmental stewardship and the natural world.  Through its series of award winning educational Documentaries, screened free of charge during Kane County’s annual festival of learning, discovery, arts and adventure, Amazing Earthfest encourages area residents and visitors to examine issues of contemporary importance in depth.  Award winning documentaries are selected on topics such as ecology, environmental science and ethics, trends in locally sourced food and organic agriculture, materials and manufacturing innovation, energy production and consumption, public health, climate change, sustainability, land use planning and many more.
Festival founder and Executive Director, Rich Csenge explained, “This bold effort to engage communities in conversations is critical to developing appropriate responses to present-day environmental challenges. To evolve and elevate our understanding of issues like climate change and species extinction will re-shape our relationships with nature in all its life forms and supporting systems.”  Amazing Earthfest aims to help define Kanab, Utah as a locus of thoughtful inquiry into the delicate balance of regional, national and planetary trends in conservation and resource consumption emphasizing the need for good stewardship of public lands throughout southern Utah and beyond.  
The 2015 Documentary Film Series at the 9th Amazing Earthfest will include the following films screened at Crescent Moon Theater, 150 S. 100 East, Kanab, Utah:
Sunday, May 10
Joanna Macy & the Great Turning
Time: 6:00 PM (26 minutes)
Topic: Sustainability
Discover the shift now underway from an industrial growth society to a more sustainable civilization: the third major revolution of human existence after the agricultural and industrial revolutions.
Growing Cities
Time: 7:00 PM (92 minutes)
Topic: Growing Food Locally
From rooftop farmers to backyard beekeepers, Americans are growing food like never before. Learn the inspiring stories of these intrepid urban farmers, innovators, and everyday city-dwellers who are challenging the way America grows and distributes its food.
Monday, May 11
Designing Healthy Communities, Part 1
Time: 4:00 PM (56 minutes)
Topic: Urban Planning for Public Health
Take a comprehensive look at the impact America’s built environment has on public health, and at the people and communities working out innovative solutions. In each episode, health expert Dr. Richard Jackson, MD, MPH, travels the country to explore problems and profile best practice models that redesign our car centric society.
Edible City
Time: 5:00 PM (55 minutes)
Topic: Good Food
In this fun, fast-paced journey through the local Good Food Movement that's taking root across the nation and around the world, a diverse cast of extraordinary and eccentric characters challenge the paradigm of our broken food system, finding hopeful solutions to monumental problems.
Into Eternity
Time: 8:00 PM (75 minutes)
Topic: Human Responsibility
Structured as a message to future generations and focused on the Onkalo underground waste repository now under construction in Finland, explore the mind-boggling scientific and philosophical questions posed by long-term nuclear waste storage, inviting reflection on the limits of science and human knowledge, and our responsibility to future generations.
Tuesday, May 12 
Designing Healthy Communities, Part 2
Time: 4:00 PM (56 minutes)
Topic: Urban Planning for Public Health
When industry and manufacturing collapse or go elsewhere, cities must re-define themselves for a new paradigm. Explore how families and young people seek to repair main street America by rebuilding places of the heart.
Plastic Paradise
Time: 5:00 PM (57 minutes)
Topic: Consumption
Midway Atoll is in one of the most remote places on earth yet it is ground zero for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, siphoning plastics from three distant continents. Meet scientists, researchers and volunteers who shed light on the effects of unchecked consumption.
Groundswell Rising
Time: 8:00 PM (70 minutes)
Topic: Energy Development
Meet parents, scientists, doctors, farmers and individuals across the political spectrum facing the energy extraction process known as fracking. Learn what’s happening in the communities where fracking has occurred and how it has spurred a call to action.
Wednesday, May 13 
Designing Healthy Communities, Part 3
Time: 4:00 PM (56 minutes)
Topic: Urban Planning for Public Health
Where you live is one predictor of how long you will live. Health officials, activists and a new breed of young Urban Pioneers transform urban wilderness and food deserts into inspirational models for other troubled communities.
The Good Fight: The Martin Litton Story
Time: 8:00 PM (60 minutes)
Topic: Conservation
One of the leading conservationists of modern times, Litton is revered as the man who saved the Grand Canyon by preventing dams from being built on the Colorado River. An avid river runner all his life, he was never daunted by the ferocious whitewater of the Grand Canyon nor fighting government bureaucracy on behalf of the environment.
Thursday, May 14 
Designing Healthy Communities, Part 4
Time: 4:00 PM (56 minutes)
Topic: Urban Planning for Public Health
Dr. Jackson searches past and present America for healthy, sustainable communities that can be models for walk-able, clean environments that embody the intricate balance of health promoting design and human needs. Does the perfect community exist?
Mother Nature’s Child
Time: 5:00 PM (56 minutes)
Topic: Child Development
Contemporary culture has undergone drastic change in the last three decades, forcing children indoors where they increasingly exhibit symptoms of "nature deficit": obesity, depression, and a range of learning disorders. Explore the ways that time in nature promotes children’s well-being and nourishes the human spirit.
*All attendees are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early for each documentary to see images of regional landscapes captured by archaeologist, Steve Stacey.
More information regarding documentary films and the full schedule of events for the 9th Annual Amazing Earthfest is available at: www.amazingearthfest.org.
About Amazing Earthfest
Amazing Earthfest is an annual festival in Kanab, Utah.  The week-long celebration inspires and educates residents and visitors to value stewardship of natural and cultural resources on America's public lands, and to explore responsibility to present and future generations.
For additional information or to learn how you can support, volunteer or attend the 9th Annual Amazing Earthfest please visit our website at: www.amazingearthfest.org; “Like” us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/AmazingEarthfest or call 435-644-3735 or follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmazingEfest.
The Amazing Earthfest is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization.  It is with our sincere gratitude to our partners that we are able to continue to bring this valued event to our community.


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