7 Time-Saving Cleaning Tips For Businesses in Cache Valley

Cleaning Doesn’t Have To Take All Day

cleaning a table
Photo by Mathilda Wormwood

With summer coming up, businesses will likely see some increased business from travelers and kids out of school. Although the CDC has loosened travel guidelines and outdoor gatherings, many businesses will be running indoors and that means we’ve still got cleaning and safety guidelines to follow. We all have increased cleaning standards because of the outbreak and it would be a bad idea to lower them anytime soon. That said, time is money. If you want to save money, it helps to save time. Clean Freak, a cleaning company in Cache Valley, spoke to us with some of their tips for speeding up the cleaning process.

Time-Saving Tips

1. Organize a Schedule

When it comes to cleaning, a lack of organization is the biggest time waster. You get people who don’t know what they’re doing or when. They either waste time doing stuff over again, or they miss something and have to come back to it later. The back and forth can make the process stretch out across two or three days. Who wants that? Instead, have a tight schedule. Know exactly what needs cleaning and when and have people scheduled to do it at the time. That way, you get everything done at once.

2. Clean As You Go

Covid has got us all doing some of this already. At grocery stores, for example, cashiers keep cleaning supplies at their station and clean off the conveyor belts and check-out stations after each use. Look for ways you can expand this practice. Small messes clean quickly. If there’s some area that an employee can quickly clean it up after they use the area, have them do so. Cleaning up after yourself like this can reduce how frequently you need to clean some things. You might be able to reduce certain weekly cleanings to monthly cleanings this way.

3. Prepare Areas Before Cleaning Floors and Carpets

vacuum cleanerA common mistake cleaners make is to pull out a vacuum or mop and start cleaning the floor first thing. A better strategy is to prepare the room first. Move out furniture. That way, you have less start-stop cleaning as you move the furniture around to get under it. Dust before you clean the floors, too, as dust will fall onto the floor as you do this. Preparing the room ahead of time is a huge time-saving practice.

4. Invest in Some Proper Tools

Good tools can make a huge difference. Poor tools wear out quickly and don’t do as good a job, forcing you to do the job twice as long to get the same results. In some cases, poor tools might not even work at all. For example, a common mop is more likely to spread dirt once the water gets soiled. A power mop or auto-scrubber will keep soiled water separate from the water used to clean the area. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are a great multi-purpose tool that cleans multiple surfaces, letting you not only cut down on supplies you have to buy, but worry less about using the right tool for the right job. Having the right tools does a better job in less time, and that’s a big win for you!

5. Keep Your Vacuum Tuned

One of the most common forms off wear on a vacuum is that the belt gets loose. When this happens, the vacuum brush doesn’t spin as fast and it doesn’t pick up dirt as well as it did. You end up spending more time vacuum the same area. It’s a simple fix to replace the belt instead of buying a whole new vacuum. Once you do, it will be just as good as new and you’ve not only saved money replacing it, but you save time vacuuming at top speed.

6. Going Green Might Save Big

cleaning chemicalsAccording to some studies, green cleaning products can sometimes do the job of multiple different chemical cleaners. If you can find out what available cleaning products cover the most jobs, you can save time switching between cleaners as well as save money buying multiple different cleaners.

7. Hire Professionals

Cleaning is often more complicated than you realize. To maximize your time, you have to know the right chemicals to use, the right tools, you’ve got to keep your tools in good condition, and you have to schedule things smartly. On top of that, you have to train your staff to do all this, which takes more time from your management’s schedule, and time from your employees doing their jobs. Sometimes, the best way to save time is to hire professional cleaners who already know their stuff. You and your employees don’t have to do any of the work and that saves more time than anything else.

Keep On Cleaning

The pandemic isn’t over yet, though things seem to be winding down. We want to keep things clean for everyone’s health and safety. Even if the risk is reduced now, keeping your cleaning standards up will make your customers feel more comfortable with your business. We’ve all got catching up to do to make up for the last year, so you want your customers to feel as comfortable as possible, right? With these helpful time-saving tips, you can get the job done faster and save money without lowering the cleaning standards.