7 Step to Incredible Pictures Part II

7 Step to Incredible Pictures Part II

This is part II is a series that talks about how to get more incredible images for you everyday picture taking.

Adding a Sense of Dimension

We live in a 3-D world. It only make sense to try and make our images more like our real life. A picture is a two dimensional piece of paper. To try and breathe life in to this piece of media we need to add the illusion of dimension. This is achieved by giving it the perception of dimension.
Using highlight and shadows, warm colors and cool colors, and depth of focus, to give that ??????slice of real life?????? look.

The Use of Lighting to create Dimension

Light is a basic ingredient for good photography. No light… no picture. By considering your light source, you can create a variety of moods and the perception of dimension. Highlights tend to come forward to your eye and shadows tend to recede.

Get rid of that on-camera flash for your main lighting source! All it does is create flat lighting with no difference between you highlights and shadows.

Here are a couple of lighting patterns that will help you achieve a little more dimension.

To make is simple, think of lighting in four simple ways:
-Flat Lighting
-Side/Split Lighting
-Back Lighting
-Front Directional Lighting

The Use of Colors

The use of colors can create more depth in your imagery!
Warm colors tend to appear to come forward our eyes and cool colors recede. You can use these to your advantage to making your images have more dimension.

Depth of Field

Subject in focus, foreground and background out-of-focus gives the viewer an additional perception of dimension and sense of real life they are looking for. This is achieved with a low aperture setting on your camera lens. I????????m always trying to photograph with the lowest possible aperture setting to let me foreground and background be out of focus. Which places more emphases on my subject matter and let the view know where their supposed to look.

Look for continuing features on this very same topic soon…


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