7 Lawn Care Chores To Do This Fall

Fall Lawn Care ChecklistFall Lawn Care Checklist

It’s fall and you know what that means, right? Beautiful colors, cooler weather, and big piles of leaves all over your lawn.  It’ll be hard to forget to take care of that, but don’t think that’s all you need to be concerned about for lawn care.  We talked with Cache Valley Lawn King to learn some lawn care chores you need to make sure you do before the winter comes.


You want to keep mowing the lawn right up until the snowfall.  If the grass is allowed to grow long, the snow will fold it over, creating warm pockets that will be perfect for mold, or rodents looking to escape the freeze. Mice nests can destroy your lawn if you give them a place to stay.  Gradually lower the mowing heights each time.  Short grass is best for winter, but lowering the height all at once may shock the grass, making it less likely to survive the winter.


Aerating your lawn allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach your grass’s roots.  Fall and spring are the best times to do this.  Aerating your lawn in the fall gives your grass just that extra edge of water and nutrients that can help it stay healthy over the winter.


If you only fertilize once per year, then it’s best to do it in the fall.  While the grass blades go dormant, the roots stay active and need that extra bit of nutrients to keep them healthy.  After you aerate, be sure to fertilize to keep your lawn going strong.

Clear the Leaves

Yeah, you already know about this one.  Everybody knows you can’t leave wet leaves on the lawn. Use a rake if you have to, but be sure to clear the leaves out.  Don’t wait until all the leaves have fallen, either.  If you do, you can give a home to diseases and insects that will harm your lawn.  Be sure to go over it a couple of times to prevent this.

Fix Bare Patches

Over the summer, you may have developed bare patches on your lawn.  Whether by heavy foot traffic, or animals, or too much sun, these patches expose soil to the elements.  Fall is the best time to fix these spots up.  If you do it before the snowfall, alongside the aeration and fertilizing, you can give the roots a few months to build up their strength before everybody starts walking on your lawn in the spring.

Kill the Weeds

Want to get rid of those pesky dandelions and crabgrass? Get at the root – so to speak – of the problem early.  Add some herbicide to your lawn to keep them from taking root over the winter.  This will let you have healthy grass in the spring and cut down on the trouble clearing them out next year.

Don’t Forget To Put Your Tools Away

It’s an obvious one, but it’s easy to forget. Before the snowfall, it’s best to have all your tools put away.  If you have a shed or garage, box up your tools after you’ve completed all your yard chores.  Garden hoses should be drained and stored so they cold doesn’t damage them.   Don’t forget to turn off the water lines, too. Nothing worse than the flooding that happens if a water line bursts.

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