5 Ways To Generate More Sales With Axe Throwing

So you own an AxePros Throwing Lane or you have AxePros Portable Lanes and you are looking to generate more business, gain new and potential customers, and increase sales. Well we have come up with five ways for you to generate the business and sales that you desire, with your Axe Throwing business.


  1. Ask For Reviews 

Asking for reviews may be one of the best ways to generate sales. As your business grows, so will your customer base. And the more you ask your current customers to give you a review, the more people will see what you have to offer and will be interested in what you can do for them. In this case, it will offer them an exciting entertainment option in their area. This will drive customers to come to your business and essentially spend money. You will become the go to place, as your online presence becomes flooded with online reviews mentioning your Axe Throwing. 


  1. Loyalty Rewards 

Loyalty rewards are a marketing tool that will keep customers coming back, earning their loyalty towards you. Loyalty programs are meant to retain customers by rewarding them for their purchases. In some cases, it can also get your “loyalty” customers to spend more, because they earn the rewards as they spend more. An example of a loyalty program for Axe Throwing could be something along the lines of having a punch card of seven purchases of throwing experiences and get one free axe throwing session. And on a side note: using odd numbers increases chances of success according to Harvard Business Review.


  1. Promo Offers

Have you ever walked into a grocery store and have seen something that is on sale at a really good cost but it also offers a “buy on get one” offer, and you thought to yourself, “Hey, that item on sale and I can afford that, and I get something else for basically free!” 


What if we applied this idea to your new and upcoming Axe Throwing business? Offering your customers some kind of promo offer will get new and current customers into your establishment. Something along the lines of when a customer buys food and drinks during non peak days (days that are substantially less busy), you can then offer them a deal or promotion on their current visit or next visit. This will give your customers more reason to come in during slow times and increases your sales.


You don’t want to make this strategy too regular because you will end up getting a lot of cheap customers who complain about everything, you may already have dealt with some of those. Plus your ideal customers may end up waiting for promos as well to save, resulting in less dollars in your pocket. 


  1. Party Giveaways

Giveaways are the next best thing to increase business and keep them loyal. Your promotional giveaway will allow you as a business to engage with new and potential customers. Not to mention you will grow your network. An online giveaway on Facebook or Instagram will definitely build your social network. According to the Axe Pros marketing team, they use SOCIAL MEDIA GIVEAWAYS to increase awareness and get thousands of new leads, many of which become returning customers. The best part is, that those new leads can cost as little as pennies on the dollar compared to traditional ad campaigns.


  1. Sell To Businesses

This may be a bit obvious, but we feel that it is worth mentioning. Selling Axe Throwing to other (bigger) establishments will obviously increase your sales and even revenue. This will also allow you to network out to more and more potential customers. If you’re looking for a more in depth review, check out the AxePros article on Why You Should Sell Your Axe Throwing Services to Businesses.