5 Uses for Beeswax

Looking at nature, it is easy to marvel at the amazing complexities surrounding us. What we can fail to understand is that nature really can provide just about everything we need without industrial processes or chemical conversions. Take beeswax for instance.


Look at the honeycomb hexagon. It is artistic and beautiful. It has a very specific use for the bees; it is the nursery for honey bee larva. Civilization has utilized this matrix for a myriad of things for centuries: from the Romans to the Vikings.


Lip Balm


There are dozens of recipes to create lip balm with beeswax. The great thing is you can let your imagination and taste run wild with the lip balm. You need a double boiler to melt the beeswax and should use either hemp or coconut oil as a base. Add essential oils or flavors such as vanilla, cinnamon or coconut for more specialized and exotic flavors beyond an all-purpose balm for everyone.


You can use citrus oils in the lip balm but realize that citrus is phototoxic, meaning it reacts to the light and can cause irritation. This is counterproductive in protecting your lips so use citrus sparingly and for days when you will be inside more than out in the sun.


Protect Furniture and Tools


You can wax and protect just about everything in your home with beeswax. In fact, you can even go outside into the garage and garden with this versatile anti-rust compound.


Rub beeswax over cast iron, metal tools and blades to create a coating that protects it from rusting. Adding a layer to the handles also reduces wear and tear without creating a slippery surface.


Use one part beeswax with three parts coconut oil melted as a furniture polish. Wipe on the surface while it is a warm liquid. Allow it to dry and then buff with a soft microfiber cloth. You can do the same on granite counters for a vibrant shine that highlights the details of the countertop.


Candles, Candles and More Candles


Of course you thought of candles. Who doesn’t when considering what to do with beeswax? Mold them into fun shapes; add essential oils for new scents that help create a desired ambiance.


Favorite additions include lavender oil, honey, and vanilla. You can even steep some fresh tea and add this to the candle during the molding process. The great thing is this is natural without harmful additives and chemicals found in store-bought candles. Enjoy the aroma without the health concerns.


Body Creams and Moisturizers


If lip balm isn’t enough, you can create a whole body shop with beeswax. Remember that beeswax and honey have antibacterial properties and are all-natural. This means you can use a beeswax balm for everything from anti-itch cream to diaper rash cream. When you have scrapes or bug bites, the beeswax create a layer of protection, almost like artificial skin giving the area relief and time to heal.


It is also useful for mustache cream as well as styling gel for hair eliminating expensive products that are filled with toxic chemicals.



Grafting Plants


This is one idea you probably didn’t think about. But gardeners have been using beeswax to graft plants for decades. It is non-toxic to the plant and won’t rot or deteriorate. This along with the fact that it is malleable to a desired shape makes it ideal for taking two plants and grafting them together. Because there isn’t a lot of maintenance required once the beeswax is in place, the two plants can remain for months without disruption, providing ample time to bond together.


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