5 Unique and Unconventional Ideas to Save on Your Energy Bills

Saving money on our energy appliances and bills always give us a good feeling. The ultimate goal of our lives is to save money on our electricity, water, heating and cooling bills by bringing down our energy bills by several notches. However, these methods might need breaking your back or bank as you can’t go all D-I-Y on these tips and will need the experts’ guidance (on Scottish Power Contact Number, if you’re a user of Scottish Power) to serve the purpose. The below enlisted tips will definitely do the deal for you without any need of breaking your bank or back:

Save on Your Energy Bills

Appliances are meant for using in night

We understand that you have invited guests for the Sunday brunch, but it would be advisable to use your cooking appliances and dishwasher during night-time, if you don’t want to add those extra units in your electricity meter. This is because; daytime is the most preferred time for any energy supplier to charge their customers the most. By simply running your dishwasher and other kitchen appliances during off-peak hours, not only will you save money but save energy as well.

Use blackout curtains to block drafts and excess heat

You would have never guessed it but using floor-to-ceiling blackout curtains can amazingly bring down your energy bills. You would be glad to know that these curtains can easily reduce energy or cooling loss in your home by up to 25% and will also block out any air leaks or drafts from doors and windows. And, if you are concerned about the cost of curtains, just be sure that the heating and cooling savings altogether, will quickly add up and offset the cost of your newly purchased curtains.

Keeping your refrigerator stocked is the new key

Keep your refrigerator full to the brim. Yes, you heard it right! This is because, the fuller your fridge will be, the better the temperature will stay regulated in your fridge, without mattering how many times you have opened and closed the refrigerator’s door. What actually happens is, the pre-cold items inside the refrigerator retain the cold and help to radiate the already-refrigerated items to bring back the normal temperature of the fridge back quickly once the door is closed and hence help in lowering your energy consumption and eventually minimize your energy bills.

fans soaring summer
Ceiling fan

Use your fans and space heaters to fight against the soaring summer and winter bills

Ceiling fans as well as space heaters will help you to bring down your energy bills by at least 5% less energy. You can also use your fans in winter to circulate the warm air and save on your heating furnace usage; the secret formula is to flip the reverse switch on your ceiling fan. Isn’t it an amazing trick?!

Eliminate the habit of wasting energy

Start turning off appliances, lights and other equipment run by electricity when not in use. Always remember to unplug your cell phone chargers and computers when not charging your phone or not using your PC. You never know, but these small deeds can make a huge impact on your bills.

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