5 Tips to Improve Your Home Theater Experience

Home Theaters Are A Rising Trend

The home theater is quickly replacing the movie theater as the core family experience for movies thanks to many different factors. As streaming replaces cable and satellite TV, the prices of tickets rise, and disease concerns make as all less willing to go out, being able to have a good theater experience in your own home is starting to seem more and more worth the expense. If you want a good home theater experience, there are a couple of things you should know about. Here’s what Rapture Audio, a company that installs/upgrades home theaters and smart home technology has to say.

1. Match Your Speakers

This is a common mistake that Rapture Audio sees people make. The idea of surround sound is a nice one and it is how most theaters operate on, but this can go wrong easily. The mistake people often make is not matching their speakers. They buy one set of speakers for their TV early on, then buy another later to add the surround sound. The problem is, if the speakers don’t match, you won’t get the same sound quality. It creates a dissonant quality to the audio that really distracts you from the experience. If you’re going to have a surround sound system, make sure that all the speakers are of the same brand and make.

2. Know How To Use A Subwoofer

The subwoofer is an important part of the experience. The center audio channel is the most important, as about 80% of the sound will go through it, but it has its limitations. Most center channel audio speakers won’t have the capacity to play the lowest registers of a film’s sound track. Without a subwoofer, the system will overwork itself trying to get all of the sound through a channel not designed for it. This worsens the audio quality. Another common mistake is people who set up a subwoofer, but then don’t also set the center channel speakers to not play the sounds that should be coming through the subwoofer. This turns the audio experience into a real mess.

3. Use A Dedicated Circuit

The worst thing you can do when setting up your home theater system is to put it on the same circuit as other rooms in your house. Your home appliances and various gadgets all generate “electronic noise.” The currents from those devices goes through your home theater system and interferes with your equipment. It can mess up the sound and picture quality while watching a movie, but the real problem is what it does long term. Electronic noise can damage sensitive equipment like speakers and Blu-Ray players. It will noticeably shorten their lifespan, forcing you to repair or reinstall new equipment before you should need to. That’s an added expense you don’t want.

You can solve this by setting up your home theater to have a dedicated circuit. This is easiest to do when building a new home, but if you’re buying an older home, it’s definitely worth it to upgrade if you want your home theater experience to be top quality and have its full lifetime.

seating for a home theater4. Get The Best Seats

The trick to enjoying a movie is immersion. You have to get completely invested in what you’re watching and not think about anything else. If you can’t get comfortable, that can be pretty hard to do. The seats in your home theater should be the ones you find most comfortable to sit in. Additionally, getting softer seats is the best option. Hard surfaces will bounce back sound stronger than soft surfaces. These extra reverberations will disrupt the quality of the sound enough to be distracting.

5. Lighting Is Critical

Also a part of immersion, you don’t want glares on your screen from outside light. There’s nothing that reminds you you’re watching a screen more than part of that screen having a big, yellow-white blob of light on it from a window. If you want to make sure you have the best home theater experience, invest in some good curtains or blinds to darken the room. That way, you can enjoy a good movie experience whenever you want, not just when the sun isn’t shining through your window.

Home Theaters Can Be A Worthwhile Investment

Home theaters can be a very good investment for your home. Having a well designed home theater increases the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it. More than that, it can be good for more than just your own entertainment. Do you have one of those bosses who likes to visit his employees? Treat him to a great movie experience for free! Like to party with friends? Wow them with your home theater. If you live in a small, close neighborhood where people like to have neighborhood parties, you can really boost your reputation by letting them use your home theater now and then. If none of that suits your fancy, it’s still great personal enjoyment.

If you are planning on setting up a home theater, just be sure you do it right. These are the five most important elements of making the experience great, but there’s plenty more things you can do. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already doing your research, and that’s great. Don’t be afraid to ask the professionals, or even hire them to help. If you’re putting down the money to set this up, you definitely want it done right. What would be the point otherwise?