5 Tips For Your Wedding Dress Shopping in 2021

Bridal salons across the country have taken a hit due to the coronavirus.  Many shut down, but many are now open for business again. Wedding dress shopping this year may be a little different for brides. Both bridal shops and brides need to be prepared for everything during these uncertain times. 


Bridal shops need to prepare for the post COVID realities. Materials will be short, seamstresses will be booked out, and it’s time to start pushing your older inventory out the door before they go out of style. 


For brides, finding the right dress is already a challenge.  With the effects of Covid-19 on our economy, it’s going to be more difficult.  Here are a few tips for brides shopping for their dress in 2021:


Tip #1: Prepare Before the Appointment 


Do your research. Look up some dresses you like, or maybe a designer you’ve had your eye on. If you bring a few pictures to show, your consultant will have a better idea of what you’re looking for.  They’ll have a better idea of what dresses to pull first.. Even in these times, you can still find the trendiest dresses. Don’t forget to talk about your budget.  You don’t want to find the perfect dress, only to find out you can’t afford it.. Make sure to consider alteration costs as well. 


Tip #2: Be Open to Trying Different Styles


Bridal shops will have a lot of older inventory from 2020, more than usual. The need to empty out the old inventory opens the door for some great deals for you!  A good seamstress can revamp an old dress for you, or customize it to your liking. Just make sure you speak to a professional seamstress about the alterations you may want before purchasing the dress. That way, you know they can alter the dress to suit you for a reasonable price.. You don’t want to spend more money on alterations than the actual dress!


Tip #3: Zipping Into Your Dress


Zipping into your dress properly can make all the difference.  Being zipped into a dress wrong makes it scoot up on you.  That may give the impression it needs an alteration in the shoulders. Knowing this will save you lots of time and money. If you don’t have anyone that knows how to zip you into the dress, the bridal shop will always be able to help you. If you have someone who can help you, make sure they’re with you at the bridal shop so they can teach you how for your big day. The last thing you need is to have your dress fitting wrong on your wedding day.


Tip #4: Ask About Delivery Dates 


We’re dealing with a lot of uncertainty thanks to the pandemic. Brides shouldn’t rely on the typical dress shopping timelines.  A lot of manufacturers have gone out of business and bridal shops are scrambling to keep up on their inventory. This forces bridal shops to push older or sample dresses out the door. A good seamstress comes in handy for the bridal shop and the bride. 


Tip #5: Book Your Seamstress!


Brides shouldn’t overlook the seamstress!. A good seamstress can make a dress really work for you.  You should be booking a seamstress like you book your photographer. Especially in 2021, the bridal industry is extremely busy due to postponed weddings in 2020. Good seamsters will be short in supply, but high in demand! Don’t trust your new dress to just anybody!  Put your dress in the hands of a bad seamstress and you might as well just be throwing it in the trash. Do your research, ask your friends and bridal shops what seamstresses they recommend.  Make an appointment with them well ahead of time so you aren’t in a crunch to get your dress altered. 


Good Planning Critical


Getting just the right wedding dress is going to be more of a challenge than usual in 2021.  Material shortages, postponed weddings from 2020, and continuing Covid restrictions mean a lot of extra work for you. If you want your big day to go off without a hitch, plan ahead.  Don’t try to do anything at the last minute, or you won’t find anyone who can help you!  Setting your appointments and shopping in advance will help make sure you get everything you need.


Good luck, you beautiful brides!