5 Things To Do For Spring Lawn Care

Spring lawn careSpring Is Here?

Is Spring here? It’s certainly trying. It did snow yesterday and a couple days before, but it didn’t stick. We’ll say spring is “non-committaly here.” Either way, that means its time to get your spring lawn care checklist out and start ticking off items. CV Lawn King, a lawn care company based in Cache Valley, suggests you should get to 4 of those items in particular pretty soon.

1. Spring Cleaning

Before you do anything, you probably should do some basic cleanup. There’s always a few leaves that are late to fall in the autumn. Whether they fall before or after the snow comes down, they’ll be on your lawn now. You’ll want to rake them up. You’ll also find things you missed, like toys and tools that somehow didn’t get put away. Get it all cleaned up before you do anything else.

2. Sprinkler Fix-Up

Droughts are common in Utah, and Cache Valley is regularly subject to water restrictions. During the heat of summer, you can find yourself paying double your normal rates if you use too much water. That might mean its a good time to get your sprinkler system updated to be more water efficient. There are plenty of options, which can be combined to great effect. From drip irrigation, to automatic sprinklers with moisture sensors to prevent them from going off when there’s enough water, there are lots of ways to conserve water.

Now’s the best time to do it. The temperature hasn’t warmed up too much, so your grass is still going to be dormant. That means any digging you might have to do to access your sprinkler pipes for repairs is less likely to do lasting damage to your grass.

lawn care and aeration3. Aeration

Aerating your lawn decompacts the soil, making it easier for water and nutrients to get to your lawn’s roots. It’s critical to making sure your grass stays healthy during the summer. For Cache Valley, early spring is the best time to do this, so now is the time to get it scheduled.

4. Fertilizing and Weed Control

Fertilizing is how you make sure that all the nutrients your lawn needs are available. You don’t always need to fertilize every year, but this depends on the type of fertilizer you use. If you aren’t sure, you can have the soil tested to see if its nutrient levels are low. Generally, though, if you didn’t fertilize last year, you’re likely to need to this year. Early spring is the best time for it, though you should wait for it to warm up a bit so the grass is more actively growing.

While you’re fertilizing, you can also apply weed control. It’s a good idea to get weed control going before the weeds actually start to grow. Once they come in, it can be much harder to get rid of them. The best offense is a good defense.

5. Seed Your Lawn

If you need to do any seeding for your lawn, now is the time. For cool-season grasses like we use in Cache Valley, it’s best to get the seed into the ground as soon as the ground is no longer frozen. This gives the seed the maximum amount of time to grow and establish its roots before the heat of summer.

Spring Lawn Care

Winter’s stubbornly holding on this year, but summer never waits. When it gets hot, it gets hot. If you wait too long, you aren’t giving your lawn enough time to grow strong before summer comes. This could lead to your lawn withering or even dying over the summer. If you haven’t already started with your spring lawn care checklist, then now is the time to do so.