5 Frequently Overlooked Spring Cleaning Items

Spring Cleaning Time

Spring is hanging around, nibbling at the knees of winter in an effort to make it go away. If you haven’t already started, now’s a good time to start spring cleaning. A good spring cleaning will clean up all the mess caused by the extra time you spent indoors over the winter and is necessary for your health. Are you cleaning everything you need to, though? Clean Freak, a cleaning company in Cache Valley, shared with us some frequently overlooked spring cleaning items you should make sure you get.

1. Ceiling Fans


clean living room with ceiling fan
It’s a pleasant living room until someone turns on that fan.
Photo by Curtis Adams

One of the biggest problems for people with allergies is dust. As someone once said to me, “Your body’s like, ‘what is this thing? It must be some kind of infection. PUT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM ON RED ALERT NOW!’” It’s a pain, is what she meant. It gets everywhere, especially places we don’t think about. You know what one of those places is? The tops of ceiling fans.

You don’t normally turn the ceiling fan on during the winter because it’s already cold, so dust has a lot of time to build up. When you finally do turn it on, it throws all that dust into the air, right into your breathing space. While you’re spring cleaning, make sure you wipe down the ceiling fans completely to avoid this.

2. Tops of Shelves

Another place dust gathers is the tops of shelves. A lot of people forget about these spaces. They’re inconvenient to reach, so you rarely put things up there. Dust still gathers there, though. It waits in secret, watching you as you go about your business, until one day, it strikes!

Okay, not really, but it will catch you off guard if you ever bump the shelf and shake the dust off, or if an air duct blows air across it. If you don’t regularly clean it, it’ll play havoc on your lungs when it gets disturbed.

3. The Door Frame

We’re all talking about how we should regularly clean high touch surfaces because of the pandemic. Doorknobs get recommended frequently and that’s a good idea. Everybody touches the doorknob to open the door. It’s not the only part of the door people touch, though. The door frame will get a lot of touch-time, too. People stand in the doorway to talk to you, leaning on the door frame as they do. They touch it as they open the door. Sometimes you touch the door frame without even thinking about it.

While you’re being careful about doorknobs, take some extra time to clean the door frame, too.

4. Garbage Can

Taking out the garbage is a regular chore and you’re not likely to forget it. You might put it off, but you definitely won’t forget it; the smell will remind you. But while everybody remembers to take the garbage out, how many people think to actually clean the can itself? The bag is supposed to be there so you don’t get things on the can itself, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Sometimes you miss the bag as you carelessly drop something in. Sometimes the bag rips and leaks. For whatever reason, gunk from the garbage can get onto the can and you want to clean it up.

5. Walls Around Toilet

Like taking out the trash, cleaning the toilet is another chore it’s hard to forget. Every time you use the toilet, you see what a mess it is. Maybe you put off actually cleaning it for a while, but you’ll have to get to it eventually.

What about the walls around it, though? Some men, especially young ones, can be really messy with the toilet and cause, shall we say, a splash? It can get on the walls, and you don’t even want to think about what happens after that. So, when you clean the toilet, be sure to clean the walls around it.

cleaning a table
Photo by Mathilda Wormwood

Don’t Overlook These Spring Cleaning Items

These aren’t the sort of things you think about all the time, but it’s a good idea to take care of them. These are all areas that have a profound impact on your health if you ignore them. Whether it’s the risk of dust, or the potential spread of disease, you need to take care of it. Every time you skip over them, the mess builds up a little more. The longer you let it build up, the harder it can be to clean. Especially the garbage can and bathroom areas. They can also lead to mold, which is a serious health risk and very hard to get rid of once it finds root.

Add these items to your spring cleaning checklist if they aren’t on it already!