4 Signs Your Car Needs Maintenance

4 Signs Your Car Needs Maintenance

Warning lights, weird smells, and unpleasant vibrations can signify that your car might need some love and care. Even though modern cars can go much further and longer without maintenance tasks like regular oil changes or tire rotations than their older counterparts, there are still some telltale signs your car needs maintenance.

Explore symptoms of a car in need of a tune-up to prevent a breakdown and a hefty auto repair bill.

Warning Lights

Even though we can all be guilty of ignoring the warning lights flashing on the dashboard, it’s better to heed their warnings than not. Even though these indicator lights may simply be trying to communicate a slight problem, like a burned-out light, they might also be warning you of a more severe crisis, like engine or brake failure.

Sluggish Starts

If it takes a few tries to start your car in the morning, it might be time to let a professional look under the hood. Cars might be difficult to start under extremely frigid temperatures, but otherwise, they should turn over on the first try. If yours doesn’t, this typically means you have a problem with your starter or battery.


A shaky car is a definite warning sign that your vehicle needs maintenance. Vibrations can result from bad brake pads, failing engine parts, or a flat tire. Even shaking in the steering wheel is a subtle sign you shouldn’t ignore.


If your car emits a bad smell—or, worse, smoke—you’ll need to have someone look at it immediately. A common sign you need a new exhaust is excessive fumes from the back or underside of your car. If smoke is coming from the hood, it could mean that your vehicle is overheating or an engine component has failed.

Don’t wait until you have smoke pouring from your vehicle before getting it serviced! Once you notice signs your car needs maintenance, no matter how slight, address it immediately and give yourself peace of mind.