5 People Who Would Benefit From Professional Carpet Cleaning

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Improve Your Health

When was the last time you had professional carpet cleaning done? If it’s been more than a year, you should probably do so now. According to Alpine Cleaning, a carpet cleaning company in Utah, carpets serve as a great filter for your home. As a porous material with lots of surface area that never comes into contact with you, it’s great at trapping dust, grime, and infectious particles. Once trapped, viruses can’t get easy access to a host and die. Like all filters, however, it has a limit. Once too much material is trapped, it just builds up on the top of the carpet. This creates health problems and damages your carpet. This is why you should have them professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Who benefits the most? Who would professional carpet cleaning best serve? Let’s take a look.

allergies1. People with Allergies

Carpets trap a lot of allergens. This is good for people who have allergies, as it means there’s less junk in the air to mess with you. This only applies up to the point that the carpet gets saturated. Once it does, walking on the carpet just stirs allergens up, putting them back into the air. Deep cleaning your carpet will get the allergens out of your carpet so it can continue to do its job as an air filter.

2. People With Immune Problems

As we get older, our immune system will struggle to deal with diseases. Other people just have naturally weaker immune systems than others. This means you need to keep yourself clean as much as you can to avoid sickness. If you let your carpet get dirty, those disease causing bodies won’t get trapped in the carpet, leaving you more likely to get exposed to them. If you want to avoid this exposure, make sure you stay on schedule with having your carpets cleaned.

3. Health Conscious

Even if you’re in good health, you shouldn’t subject yourself to the unclean air that dirty carpets will create. If you’re the sort of person to worry about your health, that’s even more of a reason. Having a dirty carpet leaves you more exposed and if you’re the sort to worry about that, having them cleaned will help take the worry off your mind.

4. People With Lots of Kids

Do you know where your kids are? Do you know all the places they go? I would guess you don’t keep tabs on them 24/7. Your kids get into all kinds of messes. When they come home, they bring it with them. They trample it into the carpets and make a real mess. That means the carpets where they spend a lot of time will get dirty much faster. If you have a lot of kids, you should consider having your carpets cleaned twice a year in those rooms.

5. Businesses With Public Traffic

If you own a business that has a lot of public customers, no doubt you’ve been focusing really heavily on keeping your business cleaned and sanitized for them the past year. The outbreak has made us all very conscious of how much we clean our living spaces. So, if you own a business, getting your carpets cleaned is definitely something you should add to the list. Clean carpets help slow the spread of diseases and keep the air clean for everyone.

Carpet CleaningCarpets Cannot Be Disinfected

The important thing to remember about carpets is that you can clean and sanitize them, but you can’t fully disinfect them. Carpet fibers are porous surfaces that trap a lot of things in them. While a deep carpet cleaning can get rid of a lot of stuff, it will never get it all. That means if you let it build up too much, you can reach a point where the carpet can’t be cleaned anymore. The dirt and grim causes too much damage to the fibers. Build up of bacteria can get in so deep you’ll never remove it. It’s especially bad if your carpet gets mold in it, which is harder to kill than cockroaches.

If your carpet reaches that point, the only thing you can do is pull it up and replace it. That’s an expense you don’t need. If you want your carpet to last, make sure you give it a professional deep cleaning at least once a year. Carpets are a great filter for dirt and disease, but once they fill up past a certain point, they need to be cleaned if you want them to keep doing their job. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your carpets cleaned, you should definitely consider it.