3:45 PM, Saturday January 18 Snow Removal Update from Public Works

Please see the message below from Sie Maroon, Deputy Director of Streets COP Good afternoon! As we progress through this storm, we are being dealt some difficult conditions. Currently we are dealing with the conditions we heard being forecasted for the past few days leading up to this point into this weekend. The temperatures are continuously falling into the teens on their way to the single digits for tonight. These conditions coupled with the high winds that we are experiencing and the refreeze of the precipitation on the streets, more specifically the residential streets, which makes travel a little more difficult. Currently the main arterial streets within the City of Peoria are in very good condition and in many cases they are drying up. The challenge is traveling on residential streets and it will be a challenge for the next few days until the temperatures rise and we get some ice melt. We are currently staffed with salt/plow trucks on the streets making every attempt to make travel safe in the City of Peoria. The residential streets conditions are not restricting anyone from traveling, therefore we encourage driving slow with caution and when you get to a main arterial street you should not have any real issues getting to your destination. Stay warm, travel with caution and be safe!