3 Sectors That Benefit From Additional 3rd Party Cleaning

Get Help With Cleaning

After a year of dealing with the outbreak, cleanliness has become a serious issue and with good reason. Meeting standards of cleanliness to minimize risk isn’t just a matter of staying in business, it’s a matter of keeping people safe and healthy. With that in mind, it might be a good idea to get some extra help with your cleaning. For certain services and businesses, a 3rd party cleaning service might be an effective option to keep things going smoothly. For example:

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1. Schools

Experts are saying that, provided certain guidelines are followed, schools should be safe to reopen for in-person classes. If schools are going to be reopening, then we definitely want to make sure our children are going to a clean environment to minimize any risks. Most schools will have their own janitorial staff on hand, but the staff was likely hired with pre-outbreak needs in mind. Now that the demands of cleanliness are higher, extra help might be needed, especially in the case of small college campuses with limited staff members. It can take time to hire more staff, but time is something that might not be available if schools reopen soon. 3rd party cleaning companies might be an good temporary solution to an understaffing problem.

2. Restaurants

The restaurant industry has been hit pretty hard by the outbreak. With social distancing forcing restaurants to limit their seating, convert to handle more take-out or delivery options, and in general rethink their business practices, it’s been hard to keep afloat. Although things seem to be improving, improvement will be slow and it’s important that restaurants keep themselves clean during this period. Getting extra help from an outside cleaning service can help keep up with the extra demand without forcing employees to have to struggle with taking orders and preparing food on top of giving them extra cleaning duties.

3. Vacation Rental

If any industry was hit harder than restaurants, it’s probably been vacation rentals. Travel restrictions have made it hard for many places to keep their tourist industries going. For smaller groups or individuals renting single properties to vacationers, this has been a major hit. With things starting to improve, it may be possible for more vacationing to happen without cause for major concern, but only if rental properties keep clean. Property owners renting out their beach houses will need to make sure there’s a thorough, deep cleaning of their property between each guest. That’s going to add a lot of extra work to the cleaning efforts. If you want to make sure things stay on schedule, hiring some extra help can keep you ahead. Clean Freak, a 3rd party cleaning company in Logan, Utah, offers some insight into other ways that property owners can keep things clean and on schedule.

Staying Clean is Staying Healthy

These are just three specific situations where hiring a 3rd party cleaning company might be helpful, but it’s far from all. The hiring can be temporary, or long-term, depending on your needs, but the extra help is always good. Keeping clean is an important part of staying healthy and as we push to return to normalcy, we want to be sure we do everything to keep things from sliding back.