3 Reasons To Have An Authorized Dealer Install Your Generator in Cache Valley


Generac Backup Generator#1 Best-Selling Backup Generator in Cache Valley

Do you live in Cache Valley?  Have you been thinking about getting a backup generator? Generac is the #1 best-selling backup generator, not just in Cache Valley, but in the United States.  They are reliable, quiet, turn on immediately when the power goes out, and provide you with peace of mind when there’s a storm outside.  If you’re thinking of getting one, you should be sure to have a Generac authorized dealer like Kendrick Electric (the only authorized dealer in Cache Valley) install it for you.  Here are just 3 reasons why.

Authorized Dealers Service Your Generator Long-Term

Sure, you can buy a generator from many places. You can even get Generac generators at some large chain stores in Cache Valley, but only an authorized dealer will provide you with long-term service.  Authorized Dealers will deliver, install, and provide regular maintenance for your Generac Backup Generator.  If you have any problems, you won’t have to worry about who’s going to fix it up for you. Not only that, but maintenance from an authorized dealer is required to keep up the extended warranty if you want that. And speaking of warranties . . .


Authorized Dealers Can Cover Your Warranty Service

Generac Generators come with a standard 2-year warranty to replace any parts that break down due to normal usage.  Generac also offers several options for extended warranties ranging form 5 to 10 years.  Before you can claim this warranty, though, you have to have a Generac authorized dealer examine the machine.  Furthermore, maintaining the extended warranty requires having an authorized dealer perform regular maintenance on the generator every so often.  If you get your generator installed by an authorized dealer, then you’ll already know who to call for these services.

Authorized Dealers Know the Special Deals

Generac regularly features special deals.  Last quarter, they offered a free 10-year warranty to anyone who installed one before November 6.  There will probably be another deal for this quarter as well. If you have your generator installed by an authorized dealer, you can ask what deals are available.  Authorized dealers will be able to tell you what the deals are and when they are available, helping you get your installation done at the best time to save you money.

Don’t Wait!

Winter is on the way.  It’s going to be cold in Cache Valley this year, colder than last year if the predictions hold true.  The winter storms may be fierce.  If you want the peace of mind to know you’re house will stay powered during the worst winter can throw at you, now’s the best time to act.  Get in touch with your local authorized dealer and get a Generac backup generator installed.  If you live in Cache Valley, that’s Kendrick Electric.  For outside of Cache Valley, you can look up your zip code on Generac’s webpage: Here.

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