3 Reasons to Have a Spa Lift Cover

What Is A Spa Cover Lifter?

Ispa cover lifter’m not personally an expert in spas. I mean, I own one, and I know there’s a funny blue-collar comedy sketch by Bill Engvil about buying a spa at a state fair, but my personal knowledge about them is rather limited. So, when Spa Mart said I should consider getting a spa cover lifter, I was like, “What’s that? And why would I want it?” I was rather incredulous about the concept.

To put it simply, a spa cover lifter is a device that helps you remove the cover off of your spa. The question of why you would want one when the spa cover isn’t that heavy is, I think, a legitimate one, so they had to work rather hard to sell me on the concept. This is what they told me.

1. Don’t Worry About Dropping It

The lift cover isn’t super heavy and even a guy like me, who’s got arms like a scarecrow because of all the heavy typing I do, can lift one. It doesn’t seem like you’d need a spa cover lifter to deal with it. Well, sure it’s easy to lift, but there’s more to lifting than just weight. You have to consider the physics. A spa cover might not be heavy, but it’s large and it can be hard to get in a position where you can balance that weight evenly to properly lift it. The size makes it easy to lose your grip and drop it. If you drop it, the damage might be minimal to the cover, but what about the damage it might do to the objects or people around it? Is that a risk you want to take?

2. Don’t Worry About It Falling Over

Another problem with a spa cover is the question of where you put it when you take it off. You have to lean it against something and there’s the possibility that it might fall over. A strong wind could knock it down, kids running around might bump it. And when you set it down, whatever’s on the ground is now on your spa cover.

The spa cover lifter takes care of that problem. The device holds the cover in place off to one side, lifted slightly off the ground. It won’t fall or tip over, no matter what bumps it. Since it doesn’t touch the ground, it doesn’t get dirty. It saves you the hassle of worrying about where to put it while you enjoy your hot tub.

3. Avoid Back Problems

back pain
Photo courtesy of NBC News

Due to a hip misalignment, I suffer from scoliosis, a condition where my back leans in one direction. This means back pain is more of a problem for me. Heavy lifting of any kind can make me sore, especially if I end up jolting around. While the spa cover isn’t very heavy, it’s size does make it difficult to control without some help. A single mess up could leave me bending in ways I really shouldn’t, which leaves me pretty sore.

A spa cover lifter avoids this problem. You simply fold the spa cover in half as normal, and then pull on a lever to finish removing the cover. No risk of losing your grip means no awkward jolting and therefore sore back. It also removes the need for a second person to help you pull it off, so you don’t need to wait until someone can help you to get it off.

Should I Get A Spa Cover Lifter?

The always important question: is it worth it? It’s a question you’ll have to decide for yourself, obviously. Depending on brand and any deals the seller has on offer, the price can range from $85 to $350. There are plenty of options. As someone with back problems, I find it’s good for avoiding soreness, so I can recommend it on that. The other advantages aren’t bad either. It’s just less you have to worry about, so nothing gets between you and enjoying a nice, hot dip. If you’re looking to get a hot tub, it’s definitely worth some consideration.