3 Reasons to Rent Seasonal Storage in Summit County, Utah

Do I Even Need Storage At All?

You’ve probably heard the advice that if you’ve got a lot of clutter, it’s better to just get rid of things than to pay for storage. It seems like good advice, right? Why pay extra money just to store stuff you own?  While it’s certainly cheaper to just get rid of things, it’s easier said than done. With rising housing costs, inflation, and a minimum wage that hasn’t risen since the 70s, the amount of space we can afford to live in is shrinking.  People are living in smaller houses or apartments, but the amount of things we use is staying pretty consistent.  What’s a good solution?


Seasonal StorageSeasonal Storage

Take a look at your belongings.  Most of the items that are taking up space are probably things you don’t use that often.  In fact, you probably only use them once or twice before putting them away for the rest of the year.  While there’s always something you can do without, seasonal storage might be a better solution than taking a vow of asceticism.  We spoke with the folks at Vernon Storage to come up with 3 reasons why seasonal storage might be a good fit for you.

1. You’ll Actually Get Rid of Things

This one may seem counterintuitive.  If you’re buying storage, you’re keeping things, not getting rid of them, right?  Well, not if you’re doing seasonal storage.  The problem with regular storage is that you put something in a shed and forget about it.  But with seasonal storage, you’re putting away things you aren’t using for the season. This means that you’ll be checking in with your storage a few times throughout the year.  The result is that each time you check, you’re getting things out and putting things away, so you’re seeing everything you’ve got in storage on a regular basis.

Since you’re checking your storage regularly, this will get you thinking about what you’ve got.  While you’re thinking about it, you’ll realize what you are and aren’t using.  This makes it easier to get rid of things, because you know exactly what you don’t need. Used correctly, seasonal storage will help you get rid of the excess.

2. You’ll Have More Space

As we said earlier, the cost of housing is going up, but you may have noticed your paycheck isn’t keeping up.  This isn’t true for everybody, but it’s true for more than you’d think.  This means we’re all being forced to live in smaller homes.  Smaller homes means less space to store things in the home.  If you try and keep everything you own in your home, you’ll quickly find yourself needing acrobatic skill just to get from your living room to your kitchen.

Seasonal storage will help by making space.  Those holiday decorations that you only use a couple weeks at a time?  Put them away.  No room for your bike in the garage during the winter?  Use the storage unit.  And it’s not just for people who have small homes, either.  Even if you’re fairly wealthy and have a large home, you’ve still got things you don’t use all year round.  Boats, trailers, winter recreational vehicles; all of these are things that will take up space in your yard if you don’t have a place to store them during the off-season.

3. It Can Save You Money

Again, this may seem contradictory, but it’s true. Think about it.  Are you living in an apartment with multiple rooms, but using one of those rooms just to store your things in?  For many young people who’ve just moved out for the first time, this is often the case.  Quite often, the same, or even a greater amount of space in a storage shed costs only a fraction of the price of renting an apartment with just that extra room. If you’re new to the rental scene, check the math.  You may find that a local storage shed is much cheaper in the long run.  It can help you save money while you get your degree or work towards that better paying job, while still letting you hang on to the things you value.

Check Out The Local Storage Companies

If you’re going for seasonal storage, always keep your eye on the smaller, local companies.  The locals will usually have the best prices and deals and will probably not use convoluted contracts to trap you with time commitments.

If you live in or near the Summit County are – that includes, Wanship, Park City, Coalville, or Kammas – consider Vernon Storage.  They’ve got the cheapest prices around and with no time commitments, they’re perfect for seasonal storage.

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