3 Ideas To Make Your Family Fun Center Stand Out

The Family Entertainment business is definitely a competitive one. Every establishment must have some new “gimmick” to bring new customers into your entertainment center. And it’s getting harder and harder. It’s hard to get your business on the top and constantly bring customers to your business.


We have three ideas that should make your Family Fun Center stand out and get revenues rising.


  1. Get Parents Involved

We all know that Fun Center’s main focus are the kids, but who brings the kids? THE PARENTS. There aren’t too many attractions for adults to participate in, so most parents just sit “watching” their kids and the score on some game that’s going on. What if your establishment provided entertainment not only for children, but also entertainment that both parent and child can enjoy?


Bring attractions to your establishment that the whole family can enjoy (parents included!). But you also want something that people will actually want to do right? Look at the trends. What’s popular now and what are people doing? Find unmet needs in your community and build upon those activities.

  1. Bundle Your Attractions with Exclusives

Your Family Entertainment Center most likely hosts birthday parties or private parties, right? You host these big events and it’s just a more expensive trip to your place. You might have cake or some special something else to throw in for the experience. Well, what if your establishment took it up a notch?

What if you bundled your birthday parties to an exclusive room or exclusive attraction that only those who have reserved a group event? Bundling an exclusive attraction with a group event will allow your Fun Center to stick out in your area, allowing you to have something that no one else offers: Unique Value. Just to add a ProTip, after you have designed your exclusive attraction for group events, use online discounts such as Groupon to promote reservation among your customers.


  1. Get With The Axe Throwing Trend

Trends bring in new customers. One that is growing is Axe Throwing. This can be your ace in the hole to have something no one else has and bring in new customers. Take our word for it, a rising attraction for Fun Centers across the country is Axe Throwing. Check out AxePros’ 5 Reasons Fun Centers Should Invest In Axe Throwing to find out why Fun Centers are turning to this popular attraction.


And if you have any more questions about adding an Axe Throwing Lane to your Family Entertainment Center, contact Axe Pros, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have!