3 Advantages to Having a Managed Landscape in Cache Valley

People are pretty judgmental.   Don’t try to deny it because you know we are. We judge people by their clothes, by the words they use, by their posture, and by a thousand other little things you probably aren’t even consciously noticing. It’s not the same as being superficial, but simply that a person can’t spend all their time and energy consciously thinking their way through all the things they should pay attention to in order to judge whether something is good or bad. Our brain has certain shortcuts hardwired into it so we can get to the important business of actually living.

This is why no business can neglect its landscaping. A lot of businesses do. They see it as too great an expense. They say, “I can take care of it later.” But by doing so, they set themselves up to be filtered out of their customers minds by failing to bypass all the little unconscious judgments that people do on a daily basis. Here are just three advantages to having a managed landscape to prove the point.


1. Impress Customers

There’s just something about good, healthy-looking greenery that draws people. Concrete pavement and steel buildings always get described as cold, hard, and impersonal by people when you ask them, whereas green grass, trees, and bushes are warm and inviting. They produce a calming effect that puts them at ease, which is exactly the state of mind you want your customers in. If they’re nervous, or feel a lack of personality, they’ll be on guard and less likely to buy because of that discomfort, and all the less likely to come back even if they do buy something.

A properly managed landscape also looks more professional and customers will associate that professional look with your services. Studies have shown that proper lawn maintenance will lead customers to rate your services more highly than if all you had was a parking lot. So don’t neglect proper landscaping if you want your customers to come back.

2. Improve Employee Satisfaction


The same psychology that attracts customers to a place with great landscaping also applies to your employees. Studies have shown that employees report feeling less pressure and stress when they have a view of living plants over a view of man-made objects. Because of the reduced stress, they go on to report fewer headaches and other illnesses. The end result is that employees are more productive and they are happier and more agreeable, improving customer relations.   All of this has a clear positive benefit on your company’s bottom line.

landscapingThis is why smart companies like Google go out of their way to have extensive and beautiful landscaping around all their corporate headquarters. The better the working environment, the more time they’ll want to spend in the office and the better they’ll work while there.



3. It Saves More Money In The Long Run


At the end of the day, all business decisions are going to be driven by money. That’s why some companies make the mistake of trying to be cheap with their landscaping and why it is such a huge mistake to make.

According to Dan Hansen of Cache Valley Lawn King, a properly managed landscape may cost a little money now, but it will cost you greater payouts in the future if you ignore it. For starters, 10-15% of a property’s value is in its landscaping. If you ignore it at the start, thinking you can maybe afford to fix it later, then you’ll find yourself taking more effort to clean up the mess that years of neglect has turned your landscape into, spending more money than you would have if you’d just managed it properly in the first place. As with all things, it’s easier – and less costly – to do it right at first than try to fix it later.

Furthermore, there are numerous ways that a properly managed landscape can save you money that you might not have ever thought of. For example, proper placement of trees can help air conditioning units run at 2-4% increased efficiency, while a windshield of evergreens can reduce heat loss during the winter. It may not sound like a lot, but the amount of money you save with these little increases in efficiency adds up over time, giving you more money for reinvestment in the future.


Proper lawn care may seem like an expense, but the return on investment is never less than the expense itself. A properly managed landscape will attract customers, retain employees, and save money in many little ways that add up to big savings in the end, while ignoring it will ultimately cost you more money than it would have to just take good care of it. Don’t let bad landscaping rob your business of the money it could be earning just because you’re afraid of the small up-front expenses. In the long run, you’ll be glad of every step you took in making your business look inviting and pleasing to those who do business there.

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