2018 Community Picnic Suggestions and Responses

Comments and suggestions from the 2018 Town of Vail neighborhood picnics have been compiled. The comments have been sorted into the categories of neighborhoods, Vail Village/Lionshead, transportation, general and compliments. The picnics were held on July 28 at Bighorn Park and on Aug. 7 at Donovan Park and are used as a community outreach measure to connect with residents and guests. Updates are included below:

Q/C = Question/Comment
TOV = Town of Vail Update


East Vail/Neighborhoods
Q/C: No additional bike trail on south side of golf course!
Q/C: Ditto
TOV: The extension to the Vail Trail was a trail idea identified by the 1994 Comprehensive Open Lands Plan (OLP) and the 2018 update to the OLP during trails workshops and scoping meetings. During the Vail Town Council’s review of the OLP on Aug. 7, the Council majority voted to remove this trail idea from consideration due to wildlife concerns and the redundancy of trails in the area.

Q/C: Make Meadow Drive to Main Gore Circle to Bighorn Road one-way allowing for wider bike/walk path
TOV: This would not be something that the Town of Vail would consider as it would force a large segment of East Vail residents (depending upon where they reside), to take an out-of-way and much longer route to exit their neighborhood and East Vail in general. Additionally, vehicular and pedestrian traffic does not warrant such a change.

Q/C: Keep lights working on EB I-70 Exit 180
TOV: The lights on the interstate are maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation. CDOT is notified when there are maintenance issues.

Q/C: Need restroom or porta potty at East Vail parking lot
TOV: Town Council discussed and decided against a restroom/porta potty at the East Vail parking lot
Vail Village/Lionshead

Q/C: Ban dogs at Farmers’ Market
TOV: This would require policy change/ordinance by Vail Town Council

Q/C: Restrict bike riding in Vail Village
Q/C: Tickets for bikers
Q/C: Ditto
Q/C: Ditto
Q/C: Ditto

TOV: This would require policy change/ordinance by Vail Town Council to make Vail Village and Lionshead a dismount zone for bicyclists

Q/C: Extend intown bus to Donovan Park!
TOV: This is not a consideration at this time as it would negatively impact the flow and timeliness of the Intown route

Q/C: Slow growth/less people
TOV: The Town of Vail works closely with its community partners to find a balance in keeping Vail economically viable.

Q/C: Love the hanging baskets!
Q/C: Love new underpass!


West Vail/Neighborhoods
Q/C: Sweep frontage roads
TOV: Frontage roads are swept at least once a week (unless weather or equipment maintenance prevent) when the sweeper is in the respective districts (i.e. West Vail North, West Vail South, East Vail, Golf Course, etc.)

Q/C: West Vail lives matter. Please install covered bus stop at Spruce Creek as a matter of
safety. (7 accidents so far)

TOV: See below

Q/C: Bus enclosure at Spruce Creek – safety!!
TOV: Town staff will evaluate. Staff wants to see what impacts the new underpass has on transit operations – are route alternations needed – before a commitment is made to building a new shelter. Additionally, the current location has site restrictions that would need to be mitigated.

Vail Village/Lionshead
Q/C: No bike riding in Vail Village – enforce this please!
TOV: This would require policy change/ordinance by Vail Town Council to make Vail Village a dismount zone for bicyclists

Interstate 70
Q/C: Please construct retaining barricades all along I-70. The vehicles on I-70 skid off and are dangerous
TOV: The interstate is under the jurisdiction of the Colorado Department of Transportation. CDOT installs guardrails where topography, traffic data and accident history warrant.

Q/C: We are visiting and your parks are beautiful!! Thanks for keeping them up so nicely!!
Q/C: Lucky to have this lovely town as our home!
Q/C: Bighorn Park, East Vail bus service – We love where we live – Lucky us!
Q/C: Thank you TOV!!!


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