2017 water rebate program accepting applications; watering restrictions begin June 1

Castle Rock Colorado News and InformationIn Colorado, spring-time weather can be unpredictable. One minute it’s snowing, the next minute trees are blooming, and birds are chirping. As landscape season officially begins, the Town is encouraging residents to keep conservation top of mind. Castle Rock Water has a few programs in 2017 to help – some will even put money back in your pocket.


Town Council approved earlier this month the 2017 Conservation Rebate Incentive Program. The program encourages residents to be water-conscious and offers several rebates as part of an overall conservation plan.


The incentive program rewards residents transitioning from high-water-use landscaping and inefficient irrigation to other water-smart alternatives. It’s funded with water restriction violations and tier 4 conservation surcharges. Funds are limited, and rebates are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.


A household can only qualify for each rebate once. The 2017 rebate program includes:

  • Smart irrigation controller retrofit – 50 percent of the controller cost up to $300 ($1,500 maximum for non-residential customers).
  • Rotary nozzle retrofit – Up to $5 per nozzle ($2,000 maximum for non-residential customers).
  • Rain sensors – 50 percent of the cost of the sensor up to $50 (residential only).
  • SmartScape renovations – $1 per square foot (250 square foot minimum) up to $1,500 for high-water-use plant material, such as Kentucky Bluegrass, removed and replaced with either xeriscape or hardscape.


Applications are available at CRgov.com/rebates and CRconserve.com/rebates.


Additionally, Town Council approved the 2017 Water Use Management Plan. Castle Rock Water uses watering restrictions to help residents efficiently use water outdoors during the warmer months.

By staggering water use on an every-third-day schedule, Castle Rock Water can maintain positive pressures throughout the water system, ensure appropriate fire flows, and allocate time for water reservoir recovery.


For the 2017 season, watering restrictions will be in place during June, July and August. Residents will be required to follow a circle, diamond, square schedule that will be mailed to their homes prior to May 1. The schedule is also posted at CRgov.com/waterschedule and CRconserve.com/waterschedule.


Also, in order to promote efficient water use, outdoor irrigation will not be allowed between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. However, there are no time or day restrictions associated with hand watering.

These restrictions will allow residents to water only during cooler, more humid times of day. This is when evapotranspiration – a measurement of how much water needs to be used to replace water lost through evaporation and transpiration – is at its lowest, and watering is most effective.


Find more information on everything happening with Castle Rock Water at CRgov.com/water.


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