2017 City Manager’s Employee Excellence Awards

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz – The Flagstaff City Manager presented the annual Employee Excellence Awards on Feb. 6, 2018. The awards are built around the five values of the City – Teamwork, Accountability, Communication, Quality and Leadership and recognize extraordinary employees in each category. The City’s motto is Service at a Higher Elevation and the awards are named after the San Francisco Peaks – Fremont, Agassiz and Humphreys.

“I am incredibly proud to be able to work with such a talented, creative and dedicated group of employees,” said City Manager Josh Copley. “Our employees represent one of the finest work forces ever to come together to serve a community.”

Recipients in each category are detailed below.

Humphreys Award (Employee of the Year Award)

Gail Jackson, Business Attraction Manager, was presented with the Humphreys award, the highest award given to one employee each year. This award recognizes Jackson for her time as the interim position of Assistant to the City Manager for a portion of 2017 as well as her efforts in attracting business. During the time she was in the City Manager’s Office she took on diverse tasks such as establishing the Office of Labor Standards program and leading listening tours to better understand issues for the Native American community in Flagstaff. Jackson worked closely with our state and federal lobbyists to ensure that the City’s legislative priorities were at the forefront. She became an important part of the Leadership Team, the Budget Team and helped move the organization forward in countless ways. Jackson is a significant asset to the City and brought her considerable skill and dedication to the role of Assistant to the City Manager.

Agassiz Awards

Agassiz Award for Teamwork – Flagstaff Police Department Detective Division: Anthony Slayton, Brad Conway, Mike Rodriquez, Ryan Turley, Adrian Barreras, Shawn Knott, Casey Rucker, Nick Jacobellis, Eric Carlson, Jared Wotasik, Todd Martinet, Melissa Seay, Ryan Beckman & Ryan Darr

Agassiz Award for Accountability – Charity Lee, Real Estate Manager

Agassiz Award for Communication – Erin Young, Water Resources Manager

Agassiz Award for Quality – Matt Schmidt, Police Officer

Agassiz Award for Leadership – Parking Team: Karl Eberhard, David McIntire, Deborah Cargill, Gail Brockman, Kevin Dunlap, Bradley Phillips, Brandi Suda, Sandy Corder, Michele Bader, Lorraine Martinez-Buell, Pam Caskey, Mia Trujillo, Trina Begay, Ann Rosell, Sue Miller, Glorice Thousand, Becky Cardiff, Taylor Stapley, Christina Rubalcava, Marianne Sullivan, Rick Compau, Jessica Cortes, Heidi Lofgren, Shalaine Lindley-Bigler, Jen Brown, Chad Smith & Michael Rodgers

Fremont Awards

Fremont Award for Teamwork –Personal Protective Equipment Group: Marc Goldberg, Katie Brown, Kyle Hiser, Kristina Barnett, Ryan Watkins, Jared Saylor, Colin Challifour, James Devenny & Tanner Callan

Fremont Award for Accountability – Matt Kakert, IT Systems Administrator

Fremont Award for Communication –Katelyn Bednar, City Attorney’s Office Victim Witness Specialist

Fremont Award for Quality – Emry Pensinger, Parks Supervisor

Fremont Award for Leadership – Nick Rullman, Library Circulation Supervisor

Nominations for the awards are provided by citizens, employees and the Council. This year, nominations were received for more than 50 employees. The City Manager makes the final selection.


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