2016 City Manager’s Employee Excellence Awards

FLAGSTAFF, AZ (December 6, 2016) – The employees of the City of Flagstaff strive to provide excellent customer service in every program and service we provide to each other and to our community.   While customer service is expected of each of us, there are some employees that go beyond our expectations and achieve the extraordinary in service delivery and customer satisfaction.


City Manager Josh Copley recognized these extraordinary employees with a “City Manager’s Excellence Award”.  The awards are built around the five values of the City – Teamwork, Accountability, Communication, Quality and Leadership. The City’s motto is “Service at a Higher Elevation” so the awards are named after the San Francisco Peaks – Fremont, Agassiz and Humphreys.

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Humphreys Award (Employee of the Year Award)

Bret Petersen, Capital Improvements Engineer, was presented with the Humphreys award, the highest award given to one employee each year. This award recognizes Bret’s 26 year commitment to the City and to exceptional customer service. Bret currently directs the City’s Capital Improvements Team and continually places himself in the shoes of the citizens and the members of his team. Bret consistently works late into the evening and on weekends. He invests in his team and is an adamant believer and provider of continuing education to ensure team members are cutting edge in their skills.


Agassiz Awards

Agassiz Award for Teamwork –Development Engineering Project Managers: Dana Cole, Amy Hagin and Mac McNamara

Agassiz Award for Accountability – Jolene Hayes, Utilities Multi-Skilled Worker 

Agassiz Award for Communication – Detention Facility Library: Sharyn Tafoya & Martha Villalobos

Agassiz Award for Quality – Susan Alden, Records Coordinator

Agassiz Award for Leadership –David McIntire, Community Investment Director


Fremont Awards

Fremont Award for Teamwork – AS400 System Crash Response Team: Tricia Almendarez, CJ Perry, Carrie Teich, Cindy Dorfsmith, Matthew Wint, Matt Kakert, Janelle Mickelson, Danielle Hineman, Debra Valencia, Gloria Cervantez, Kathy Drummond, Brandi Suda

Fremont Award for Accountability – CVB Creative Services: Ralph Schmid, Jennifer Schaber and Michael Russell

Fremont Award for Communication – Jessica Hallett, Emergency Communications Specialist

Fremont Award for Quality – Alan Hart, Public Works Equipment Operator I 

Fremont Award for Leadership – Fire Prevention Division: Kent Snide and Patrick Staskey


The City Manager Excellence awards are presented annually. Nominations for the awards are provided by citizens, employees and the Council. This year, nominations were received for more than 50 employees. The City Manager makes the final selection.

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