10 Ways To Hire Professional Movers That Will Save Your Money

Moving to a new house or office is exciting. But there’s a lot of careful planning to be done so that you can avoid getting emotionally and physically drained. Relocation, especially in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or across UAE, is an expensive process so you need to save every penny that you can.

While you may be capable of managing everything on your own, it will be to your advantage if you hire professional Moving Furniture Ajman. Doing so will not only save you from the hassles, tensions and troubles of packing, transporting, unpacking and organizing your goods but will also cost you less. Yes, you heard me right! If you use a good service such as from the companies at www.moversandpackers.ae , and my simple tips listed below, you can easily reduce the overall moving cost.
10 Simple Tips to Save Money When Hiring Movers and Packers
  1. Plan early

Ensure that you know about all the vital charges involved in hiring movers beforehand. Preparing ahead will ensure that you have deliberately assessed and arranged your transfer costs and deadlines. This will ensure that you are completely mindful of and expecting all the charges that may apply. This way you can avoid getting stuck with pointless charges and fees.

  1. Bring just the things you will require

Yes, we get attached to our belongings and it is hard to give them away. But, you need to be practical when shifting. It will cost you less cash to move less stuff. Sort out the goods you don’t need or want and give them away to a charity or sell them off in a garage sale. There’s no sense in moving things you wouldn’t utilize. Also, you can cut down on your moving costs greatly when the transfer load is decreased.

  1. Pack all your goods for a prompt delivery

If you are packing on your own, pack up all your belongings well in advance. This way, stacking up your things for transfer will be speedier. It will even save you from additional service charges such as avoidable transit and storages costs.

  1. Move amid off-seasons

For most of the professional movers and packers, the peak periods are summer season and the end of the months. Avoid the peak periods to cut down on costs. It is perfect to move on the between-dates of the month. In the off-peak periods, you can enjoy better deals and discounts. Hiring a professional mover or crew will also incur lesser expenses then.

  1. Get some information about the moving discounts

It is a good practice to enquire about all the available discounts from different companies. You should also compare their prices and choose the most affordable option. Many companies such as DHL Movers and Packers offer great discounts depending on the load and the distance of the transfer.

  1. Negotiate to get bargains

Use your knowledge of the prices of various movers to negotiate. Ask for better discounts, deals and delivery charges. You could also mutually decide your moving schedule with regards to the availability of the movers, which can in turn give you room to ask for lower costs.

  1. Hire specialty movers for sensitive goods

You might need to hire specialty movers or move sensitive specialty items on your own. Some moving companies don’t have specialty movers, more often than not. This means that you would have to hire third party movers through them, which could be more expensive than hiring one personally. So, either hire specialty movers yourself or hire a company service which can take care of all the goods. You can find a list of such movers and packers at www.moversandpackers.ae.

  1. Enquire beforehand about the charges of packing and handling services

Make sure that you know about the fees for packing the goods and for their handling. This way you would be well prepared for the payments and will be able to avoid any undue or hidden charges. Your budget planning would have given you a realistic estimate of the moving costs so when you take control of the process, you can cut down on the overall cost.

  1. Ensure you can move to your new home immediately

Set up the place that you will move into. Ensure you can move to your new home at the soonest. This way you can cut down on the charges for storage-in-transit of your goods and also avoid travel costs such as your hotel rent and car rental costs.

  1. Let one company do all the task

It will be to your advantage to select a company which could provide you with the most suitable professional moving crew and all the services, from packing, transportation, unpacking and sorting out the goods in one place. You will find many great options for UAE, such as ABT Movers and Packers. This is better than hiring packing and moving services separately as that would be more expensive.

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