World’s largest sequencer built for Red Bull Music Academy mark

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The world’s largest sequencer has been built to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Red Bull Music Academy in its original host city Berlin. Here is all you need to know:

– A 10-metre-long step sequencer, similar to the famous Roland 808 machine, has been installed outside the famous Tresor Club and amplified via loudspeakers for use as an instrument with the platform as a dance floor.

– It uses samples from the rail network for some of its sounds with the public able to experiment alongside two hosts, who facilitate the jam sessions as part of the Berlin Tracks celebration throughout September and October.

– With a length of 10 meters and a height of 2.2 meters, the RBMA-20 is the largest drum machine ever built and is fully functional. The sequencer features 427 knobs and faders, as well as four analog drum machines, a modular synthesizer and a sampling unit.

– People have been able to collaborate on tracks spontaneously with, for example, one person creating the rhythm, another the melody and a third effects or speed.

– Red Bull Music Academy co-founder Many Ameri said: "Sequencers and drum machines have played a huge role in club culture. Many music styles would not have been possible without them. We wanted to create a tribute by building the largest one. The sequencer was developed so beginners can step up to it and just create music on the fly or grown musicians can use it as a proper instrument."

– Inventors Marian Neulant and Axel Van Exel added: "The sequencer has 427 buttons plus 78 lights and two-and-a-half kilometres of cable."

– Throughout October, synthesizers and drum machines will also become a part of Berlin’s urban landscape, as subway and tram cars disguised as famous pieces of gear travel through the city.


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