City Launches “1 is Too Many” Vision Zero Campaign

How many traffic-related deaths is too many on our streets?  The City of Fort Lauderdale is responding with its new “1 is Too Many” public awareness campaign that is popping up on bus benches throughout the city.
The City launched this high-visibility campaign as part of its Vision Zero initiative to draw attention to traffic corridors and intersections with the highest number of crashes and fatalities in the City.
The first phase of the “1 is Too Many” campaign kicked off with nine strategic messages – “Slow Down,” “Cross at Crosswalks” “Stop Texting” “Pay Attention,” “Be Predictable,” “Be Visible,” “Don’t Drink & Drive,” Yield to Pedestrians,” and “Watch for Turning Vehicles” – that target common behaviors that have contributed to crashes in high risk, top priority regional hot spots.
To determine message placement, City staff analyzed Signal Four Analytics crash data from the past five years to identify high concentrations of crashes at or near available bus benches. Staff then reviewed behaviors that contributed to those crashes and paired targeted messages with appropriate area bus benches to remind everyone driving, walking, or biking on the City’s streets to practice safe behaviors to help save lives.

Last year, 32 lives were lost on Fort Lauderdale streets, and since January 1st of this year seven lives have already been lost. The people we’ve lost were parents, spouses, siblings, children, friends, classmates, neighbors, and coworkers. The bus benches serve as a reminder to travel smart and do your part to reduce traffic deaths and serious injuries on our streets to ZERO because one traffic-related death or injury anywhere, on any street is one too many.

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