While Knoxville may not see much snow overnight, temperatures are expected to be the coldest of the season.

The City is ready for snow, light or heavy, in the coming weeks, said Chad Weth, Director of the Public Service Department.

The National Weather Service is forecasting the possibility of a light dusting of snow for Knoxville beginning early Tuesday.

“Our City crews are ready for the winter season even though we may get very little snow tonight,” Weth said. “We have a great team that plans every year for snowstorms.”

Weth said the City’s Snow and Ice Removal Plan, updated yearly, provides crews with a blueprint to follow and a clear, objective list of priorities. For example, bridges, streets carrying large volumes of traffic, and approaches to hospitals get top priority.

Public Service crews are scheduled to come to work at 4 a.m. Tuesday to make sure the City’s main roads, bridges and overpasses are all in good shape for the morning commute, Weth said. They will treat roads with rock salt as needed. The goal of Public Service is always to clear or remove snow and ice from streets to expose bare pavement and permit safe and orderly flow of traffic.

Public Service Department resources and manpower are ready to deploy whenever needed:

n Up to 25,000 gallons of brine, which is mixed at the City’s Public Works Service Center;

n 8,000 gallons of calcium chloride, used in extreme temperatures;

n 2,000 tons of rock salt;

n 23 trucks used for plowing and salting;

n Seven trucks used for brine application; and

n Up to 75 employees as needed for storm response.

When snow threatens, the City systematically and predictably pre-treats and then clears streets by following its Snow and Ice Removal Plan. Level I streets get immediate attention, followed in order by Level II and then Level III streets:

n Level I – main streets carrying the highest volume of traffic and providing access to hospitals; examples include Kingston Pike, Chapman Highway, Magnolia Avenue and Broadway

n Level II – streets connecting main streets, feeder streets to connector streets, and “trouble spots” and hills; examples include Sutherland Avenue, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Woodland Avenue, Moody Avenue and Cedar Lane

n Level III


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