3 People Who Get the Most Out of Long-Term Storage

The Self-Storage Stats

Self-Storage TipsSelf-storage is a growing industry.  With an annual industry-wide revenue of $38 billion and somewhere between 45 and 52 thousand storage facilities across the country, there’s no shortage of storage space.  These days, about 1 in 10 Americans rent a storage unit of some kind.  That can add up to quite a bit.  The average cost of self-storage is around $88 per month, though this varies a lot depending on where and who you rent from (source).  That can add up quite a bit.  So, obviously, if you’re going to rent storage space, you want to get the most out of it.

We talked with Vernon Self-Storage in Wanship, Utah to learn who are the three people who get the most out of their self-storage in their facility.


1. People Doing Renovations

In general, the people who get the most out of self-storage are the people who know exactly what they want to use it for, and who have a plan for how long they’ll be using it.  The best example of this is people who are doing renovations to their home.

If you’re renovating your home, especially large-scale renovations, you might be moving into a smaller apartment or hotel room for the duration of the project.  That keeps you out of the way so the workers can get your house done as quickly as possible.  It’s not just you that needs to be out of the way, though; your possessions also need to be moved.  You can’t take those to a hotel, and the temporary apartment you stay in might be too small for all of your things.

That’s where self-storage comes in.  This is one of the best ways to use self-storage.  You know exactly how much you need to store and have a pretty good idea of how long you’ll need to store it.  That will allow you to calculate how much money it’ll cost you to store it, so you can budget that in without any problems.  It’s a convenience that can save you a lot of stress.

And if you’re worried about your stuff getting damaged in storage, that’s probably covered, too.  Most house insurance policies come with a personal possessions coverage policy that will cover your stuff even while it’s in storage.  Check with your insurance agent to make sure.  Even if it doesn’t offer that, most storage insurance policies run very cheap, if you feel like that’s something you need.


2. Holiday Decorators

holiday decorations
Scary scarecrow for Halloween!

There are many holidays we celebrate that people like to decorate for.  Halloween is coming up in a couple of weeks, for example.  Just around where I live, there are at least twelve houses that have decorated with huge, inflatable pumpkins, hanging ghosts, and a decorative sign of a witch crashing into a street light that reads, “Don’t Drink and Fly!”  People love to decorate, but decorations take up a lot of space.  With so many holidays and only one holiday per year where each set of decorations is needed, you can fill up your house pretty quickly.

Self-Storage can help you with that.  While the decorations seem like a lot when they’re taking up your limited living-space, they don’t require that much storage space in the absolute sense.  That means you can get a smaller and less expensive storage unit to put them in.  You only need to get out your decorations at the right time of year, and the rest, they won’t take up any space in your home, freeing you up for a less cluttered life.


3. Seasonal Sports Enthusiasts

Park City Sports and RecreationFor a lot of sports enthusiasts who live in Park City, Utah, seasonal storage can be a huge benefit.  Park City has sports available year-round, but generally individual sports are only enjoyed at certain seasons.  Each seasonal sport has its own gear that you need.  That all adds up to a lot of space needed to store them.  Space in Park City is at premium.  The more you use for storing your sports gear, the more cramped your home becomes.

Again, seasonal self-storage is a great solution.  By rotating your seasonal sports gear in and out of storage with the seasons, you can cut down on the storage space you need to rent, allowing you to make the most out of your rented unit.  Since a storage unit generally runs cheaper per month than a larger home would, this plan will give allow you to have more room in your home to enjoy yourself for less of a cost.


Making the Most of It

Self-storage isn’t the best solution for every situation.  If you just have too many things you don’t use, the better option is to sell off what you don’t need.  On the other hand, there are some things too important to get rid of, either because you use them too frequently to make renting worth it, or because they’re just too valuable to sell off.  That’s a call you have to make for yourself.

Self-storage is a great way to make up some extra space in your home without getting rid of things you need, provided you know what you need the storage space for and how you intend to use it.  By making use of seasonal storage, you can minimize the storage space you need and save yourself some money without needing to throw things out.  Take some time to plan out how you intend to use your self-storage before you go renting a unit, but don’t be afraid of renting one if you need it.  Properly used, a rented storage unit can save you money and give you better living space in your home.

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